Live Smarter with a Stress Free Lifestyle

Live smarter, reduce stress! Achieving a stress free lifestyle often reflects the willingness to readily adopt a change in routines. The ability to maintain a daily  fast pace and remain in control of yourself requires new ideas and innovative survival skills. Unmanaged life demands can trigger burnout, fatigue and uncontrollable mood swings. This blog was created to inspire, educate and inform you about potential tools to  optimized your personal achievement.

Please note: This blog is for information and educational purposes only. It is not meant to be a substitute for medical advice.  If you need treatment advice for your medical illness, please seek the help from your mental health provider. Read More »

The High Blood Pressure Measurement Stress Reset

The Blood Pressure Guidelines Reset

Are you one of the many patients who ignore their high blood pressure? Often there is a high-stakes negotiation with health providers when an elevated blood pressure is detected. Abnormal blood pressure findings are often quickly attributed to everyday life stress.  For some, just the anticipation of a medical appointment can contribute to increased blood pressure. This is called the “white coat syndrome”, where an increase in blood pressure occurs simply because a physician is present sporting a white coat. Even psychiatrists without a white coat can cause blood pressure readings to skyrocket, simply by their presence. So why is blood pressure, which can be influenced by a variety of external events, so important?

The High Blood Pressure Surge

According Read More »

Managing Digital Distractions Reduces Stress

 Distracted!  Digital distractions reduce productivity and increase stress. Are you one of many suffering with this problem? Distractions are easily identified as a source of daily stress. Attempts to focus intently on a specific task can be easily interrupted by the relentless bombardment of information. Consider the following five distraction management tools to start your productivity recovery.

First- Own It

Yes, you have a problem with your device. How long can you stay disconnected from your cellphone? It is common to hear complaints of feeling anxious, worried, preoccupied and agitated when disconnected. Researchers describe “The Phantom Vibration Syndrome” as affecting those who perceive that their device is vibrating; indicating an incoming call or text, even when there is actually Read More »

Sustaining Healthy Lifestyles Goals in 2018


Sustaining your 2018 Goals for Best Health

Sustaining healthy lifestyles is your desired goal for 2018. Have you still maintained your plan for a healthier you? At the start of each New Year, it is common to aspire to do better in life. Losing weight, eating better and being organized are examples of planned goals. So, what gets in your way of sustaining health goals? If you have a lot going on, with many moving parts, there may be no mental energy to dedicate to behavioral change. It is easier to just fall back into old habits. What follows are the unspoken obstacles to acknowledge on the journey to a healthier you.

First- Setting realistic goals

You have been inspired to lose ten pounds in 30 Read More »

Three Barriers to Saying the Powerful Word “No”

No is a Complete Statement

Are you comfortable saying “no”?  This word is considered to be one of the most powerful in the world.  Nonetheless, it is without question the most underused command. The word is very simple, with only two letters of the alphabet, yet it can be challenging to verbalize. It seems that setting restrictions and barriers by making use of this word is difficult. Just thinking about saying “no” can be a source of overwhelming stress.  Those who are prewired for mood fluctuations can experience “no” with significant discomfort.

Saying “no” becomes overwhelming when mood is out of control.  Those who struggle with mood, thoughts and behavior are often unable to successfully negotiate situations that involve conflict.  Supportive tools for saying “no”   Read More »

Persistence Lesson the Cuban Classic Cars

Cuban Classic Car Persistence Lesson

The Value of Persistence

The power of persistence can never be overemphasized. Persistence is doing what you believe in and sticking to it.  It’s the will and desire to finish the identified goal. An easy example of persistence could be visualized as bird building a nest from natural materials without the luxury of glue and nails. Sometimes the value of persistence is appreciated after witnessing the challenges of others on their road to achievement.

 Cars Defying Odds

My recent trip to the land of my father, Cuba provided an opportunity to support this life lesson. Through persistence, the Cuban Classic cars remain in existence and fully functional. These cars defy all odds of car longevity. Using all the strength in Read More »

Fatigued and Exhausted Culprits Reducing Productivity

Fatigued and Exhaustion Culprits that Zap Productivity

“I am fatigued and exhausted!”

This remark is a regular everyday status update. Are you one of the many? Complaints of being consistently fatigued and exhausted has grown to be the new life ‘normal’. Just like many other health care providers, I have responded to eagerly awaited phone inquiries of test outcomes. So, what is the problem? The answer regularly has always been my patient’s lifestyles and unrealistic expectancies of sustained productivity. The brain often communicates its state of mental fatigue with your physical awareness of feeling tired. The following are four common brain communications  associated with the symptoms of being fatigued and exhaustion:

First-Aging is Silent

“Or perhaps it is that I’m simply tired because I’m older…” Six Read More »

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in the Workplace

Originally published April 5, 2011 in the Baltimore Washington Corridor News

Attention Deficit Disorder in the Workplace.

“I just can’t focus at work. It must be my Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.” Many joke about the illness and are not aware that Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) symptoms are not limited to disorganization. The symptoms of ADHD are much more pervasive and global. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, often unrecognized in adults, can impact self care, interpersonal relationships as well as workplace performance.

So what is the bottom line for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and how does it make its appearance in the workplace? ADHD is a brain disorder. Most symptoms originate in childhood before age seven and continue through adolescence and adulthood. These symptoms include difficulty staying Read More »

Rethinking Drinking Alcohol to Manage Stress

Rethinking Drinking Alcohol

Is drinking alcohol a guilty pleasure?

Everywhere there are ominous headlines about the dangers of moderate alcohol consumption. These negative reports exist alongside targeted ads featuring women relaxing with a glass of wine. These mixed messages have created an atmosphere of confusion. Is drinking alcohol hazardous or beneficial for women’s health? My objective inquires about patterns of alcohol consumption can trigger highly emotional and defensive reactions.. Some accuse me of using erroneous research to spread negative messages and limit women’s rights. How can a couple glasses of alcohol be hazardous to a women’s health?

Are women more affected by drinking alcohol than men?

The impact of alcohol consumption is not equally experienced by the sexes. Women may drink less than Read More »

Coping with Anxiety and Fear in 2017 for Stress Relief

Congratulations, you survived 2016! But its 2017 and you’re still feeling anxiety. What gives? Feeling anxious, conflicted and uncertain has become increasingly intertwined with the fabric of our daily lives. Those more perceptive of their changes in mood report an increasing awareness of their feeling of inner tension and stress. What is the remedy? Recalling past times when you have effectively implemented coping skills during times of adversity can decrease fear and anxiety. What follows are the personal accounts of the residents of Maryland regarding their unexpected encounter with the forces of Mother Nature.

The State of Uncertainty

Can you remember the summer of 2011?  The the people of Maryland can. They  survived a 5.8 magnitude earthquake on the 23rd Read More »

Stress Management and Georgia Pecans

Georgia pecan bud“If you want to eat, pick your Georgia pecans.” Who would have predicted this New Yorker would be toiling the Georgia soil for pecans? Surprisingly, my desired nuts are not found prepackaged on the ground. My local grocery store never mentioned the labor required in my food consumption. Buying nuts are a pricey treat for my eating enjoyment. The following is the description of my simple stress management technique.

Acceptance of Ongoing Demands

Over the years, I have grown to love the experience of picking my Georgia pecans. Imagine anxiously awaiting, the verbal reports of the harvest conditions of my favorite pecan tree. The telephone inquiry about the status of the pecan field is an alluring paradox from the hustle Read More »