• Seven valuable tips to develop your best brain
  • An inspirational list of books written about high achievers with mood swings
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Master Your Best Brain and Overcome Stress

Always feeling tired is a widely accepted condition of normal life. Are you one of the many women who have entered a doctor’s office with complaints of…

  • Low energy
  • Feeling tired
  • Being stressed

If so, it may have even been stressful for you to not only make the appointment, but also be told there was nothing wrong with you. To add insult to the situation, you spent anxious hours waiting for a telephone call with your results, only to hear your blood levels were normal. Now, you’re stuck with all of this anxiety about your “normal” exam, fully knowing something is wrong.

To help you cope with your feelings of being overwhelmed, you may also find yourself justifying…

  • Increased use of alcohol or drugs
  • Expensive retail therapy
  • Increased sexual activity

So, if your exam results are normal, why are you feeling this way?

Constantly feeling overwhelming fatigue, while dealing with numerous responsibilities, is a struggle requiring great effort. You may think, “what is going on with me? Could stress be causing all of my issues? Am I losing self-control of everything, even my brain?”

The good news is, you are NOT going crazy!

I am Dr. Stephanie Durruthy, known by many as a “brain enthusiast.”

You see, every organ in the body has specific stress signals. We all recognize…

  • Chest pain relates to the heart
  • Shortness of breath relates to the lungs
  • Our brain delivers specific signals designed to grab our immediate attention

Unfortunately, though, we have not been very good at recognizing stress signals in the brain, such as:

  • Low mental energy
  • Abrupt mood swings
  • Memory difficulties
  • Constant fatigue

Accept Your Brain is Stressed!

Acceptance of a brain related symptoms is challenging for many. Somehow the brain, also an organ, is supposed to be ruled by self-control. The solution to the rampant complaints of fatigue among otherwise healthy women was not to seek another medical opinion for treatment. The answer was really looking closely at:

  • Lifestyles
  • Work environments
  • Attitude towards change

Let me remind you of the seriousness of this brain conversation as it greatly affects your…

  • Quality of life
  • Ability to consistently remain productive
  • Engage with others

The number of people who are clueless about the importance of achieving their best brain is quite amazing. We occasionally invoke our intuition, also referred to as our gut feeling, to give us directives for our best decisions.

Unfortunately, we sometimes proceed forward and bypass our gut feeling of emotional uneasiness telling us to stop moving.

The Power of Our Best Brain

Our brain is really the best tool for decision making, expressing itself through its communication signals. We frequently, however, miss or ignore these signals even though the brain is the powerhouse organ that controls the ability to achieve personal goals.

Mastery of the requirements needed for your best brain can help you with the following:

  1. Maintaining a positive mindset
  2. Increasing time efficiency and productivity
  3. Improving communications
  4. Sharpening interpersonal skills

Who I Am and What I Have to Offer

What gives me the credentials necessary to share my expertise about managing your energy sapping challenges? My passion for women’s issues has evolved over decades in varied aspects of healthcare. My life’s work is reflected by the success of many women achieving their fullest life potential.

I have created a special package of simple and practical resources to help you get started today. Mastery of your best brain requirements can be the change necessary for your jump start. If you act now, you will get instant access to my informational resource – The Brain Insights Toolkit – via email. The common business mantra of using your mind to just push through uncomfortable feelings only increases frustration and fatigue, often insuring late or incomplete tasks. The brain is only a scary organ when it is disrespected. This exclusive Brain Insights Toolkit includes:

  • Seven valuable tips to develop your best brain
  • A list of books written about high achievers with extreme mood swings
  • Recharging weekly informative blog messages
  • Advance notification about upcoming live events