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The Best Relief for Stress is to Master Your Brain

Constantly feeling overwhelmed and fatigued has become a widely accepted condition of life?

Do you constantly feel exhausted or stressed? You’re not alone—many people do. Some feel it so strongly that they take their complaints to a doctor. Unfortunately, the doctor’s report says that the person is perfectly fine… but they don’t feel perfectly fine.

If you find yourself struggling with unanswered feelings of exhaustion and stress, you may also find yourself coping by with increased sexual activity, drug use, alcohol consumption, and interest in expensive retail therapy.

Unfortunately, we have not been so good at recognizing the symptoms of stress from our brain. These signals are more common than you might think, but are often brushed aside, and include:

  • Low mental energy
  • Abrupt mood swings
  • Memory difficulties
  • Negative thinking
  • Impulsive behavior

Your Brain Is Telling You Something!

As a society, we believe that the brain is supposed to be ruled by self-control. That belief is wrong– the brain is an organ, just like the heart– and it can’t be fixed by ignoring the problem. When we do slow down and listen to our brain signals, we get better at interpreting why we feel stressed. This can improve our lives by:

  • Optimizing energy
  • Increasing time efficiency and productivity
  • Sharpening interpersonal skills

How to Find your Best Brain

Thriving at your personal best and achieving mental wellness– what I call “getting your best brain”– requires an awareness of oneself.
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