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Why is she doing this to me?

“Her behavior is different! She can get easily agitated, cries or just ignores me. I have never seen anything like this before.”

When mental illness is in its early stages, its subtle signs are often missed or misinterpreted as bad behavior or personal weakness. Parents and schools do not teach about mental health and wellness. It is often wrongly believed that  successful people are immune from brain related conditions. Because health promotion for the brain is not emphasized, people do not know what to do when their loved one is faced with a mental illness. Every day, someone enters a health provider’s office with questions about a sudden emotional change in their loved one.

The stress from both the stigma of dealing with mental illness and the burden of caregiving responsibilities is often overlooked. What can you do aside from nagging her about her behavior, So racing thoughts like the following keep you up at night?

How do we get her back to normal?

“I really don’t know how to help her. If this problem were a physical condition like a fracture, helping would be so easy.’’

What can I do to help these sudden emotional changes in attitude and behavior?

“She is not sleeping at night, not eating and not going to work. I have tried everything, from taking her out to restaurants, to going on shopping sprees, and even staying up all night talking about solutions for her situation. Nothing seems to work! If she could just snap out of this!”

My program is designed to break the silence and start a conversation about these “off-limit” topics. The first step to help you, the supporter, reduce stress is by learning about mental illness. Once you are less overwhelmed, you will be more able to help create a joint action plan to help her through her struggles. My resources to assist you include:

  • Education about mental illness
  • Methods to better your behavior as a supporter
  • Ways to help her resume her daily activities
  • Techniques to open the channels of communication
  • Tips to support yourself and reduce your own stress

By signing up you can also receive additional benefits:

  • 7 Brain Insights— This resource identifies brain wellness tips to ease your anxiety.It can help you recognize and avoid the dangerous behaviors frequently adopted by caregivers to reduce the personal stress  involved with trying to “fix” the situation.
  • Bonus book list of high achievers with diagnosed brain related disease. Knowing the accomplishments of the people on this list helps to combat the stigma of mental illness. Read about their journeys; knowledge empowers!
  • Webinars, online courses, workshops and expert panels for your better living and stress management.

Not knowing how to help the female in your life through her mental illness is likely costing you emotional pain and suffering. This resource costs nothing, and brings knowledge and understanding that can change both your life and hers.

By signing up now, you get everything for free. Get started today! 

Every minute you wait before getting your “informational  resources” is a waste of valuable time. Why wait for more crises? Good intentions shown by shopping, dining and offering words of encouragement will not make her problems disappear. Take this opportunity by signing up with your first name and email address to start receiving your informational tools today!


Stephanie Durruthy,MD