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Are you one of the many women who have entered a doctor’s office seeking to reduce the symptoms of stress?  If so, you may feel like you have increased your stress by  getting this appointment, only to be told that the physical exam results were normal. Adding insult to the situation was the amount of time that you spent nervously waiting for a telephone call and then receiving normal blood test results. Now you are stuck with new stress with your “normal” health status, because the exams did not identify the problem. So what is the problem?

Constantly feeling overwhelmed and fatigued, while dealing with numerous responsibilities, is a struggle requiring great effort. You may think, “What is going on with me? My physical exam and lab tests are normal. By the process of eliminating medical illness, I must now consider that stress maybe causing these problems. Could I be doing this to myself? Am I losing control of everything, even my brain?”

Every organ in the body has specific distress signals. We all recognize that chest pain relates to the heart and that shortness of breath relates to the lungs. Our brain also delivers specific signals designed to grab our immediate attention. Unfortunately, we have not been very good at recognizing these signs. Low mental energy, abrupt mood swings, memory difficulties and constant fatigue can all be stress signals from our brain.

Acceptance of a brain related symptom is challenging! It is hard to believe that physical pain, like chest pain or fatigue is not associated with a medical problem. People believe that there is a distinct mind-body split. They feel that their physical symptoms cannot be a signal of stress from the brain. It takes time to accept that lifestyle, work place attitudes toward change  can all be factors contributing to physical pain. It is much easier to seek a second medical opinion than to consider a brain-related diagnosis.

The number of people who are clueless about the importance of achieving their best brain is quite amazing. We occasionally invoke our intuition, also referred to as our “gut”, to give us directives for our best decisions. Unfortunately, we sometimes proceed forward and bypass our gut, despite feeling an emotional uneasiness telling us to stop moving. Our brain is really the best tool for decision-making and is the powerhouse organ that controls the ability to achieve personal goals. It expresses itself through signals, which we frequently miss or ignore.

Mastery of the requirements needed to maintain your best brain can help you with the following:

  1. Maintaining a positive mindset
  2. Increasing time efficiency and productivity
  3. Improving communications
  4. Sharpening organizational skills

The common mantra of using your brain to push through uncomfortable feelings only increases frustration and fatigue, often insuring late or incomplete tasks. The brain is only a scary organ when it is disrespected.

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